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Our Mission is not only to teach fine art, but also to make more artists for the world. We strive to teach children how to be creative, responsible and, strive towards learning creative teamwork. And what is creative team work you might ask?


Creative team work is different form the teamwork taught at schools. It is being able to appreciate each other’s imaginations, discover it and help to grow, achieving confidence through the sharing platform, we call it Exhibition.


We are a platform for artists, including little artists. Every 6 months, we will exhibit a cooperative masterpiece made by our students at our own gallery, which children will be learning and seeing every time they learn through  the professional artists. 

We want to teach our children to respect one another, BUT, we provide rules. Every game is built on rules, creativity is no different.

What is our Rule? Respect. Corporate. Encourage. Community

Our teachers not only are there to teach art but to guide children how to respect one another all the while working towards the same vision. That is the backbone of our philosophy. Where we learn to respect to build a master piece together through our program, along with individual work. 

CO45 has its roots in Japan. We share and would like to share more Asian art through this platform. From Art such as Sumi- E painting to Ikebana, we will dive into the wonderful world of the far east and enrich ourselves with a sense of wonder and love towards Japanese culture.

We will also look deeply into the ideas of Shokuiku. It (Kanji: 育)is the Japanese term for "food education". Where we teach our children the importance of the food we put into our bodies and how it can change us for better or for worse.

We hope to instill in our students an understanding of quality of things, that

less is more.

3 ~ 7 year old
7~13 year old 
1~3 year old 
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